Honkai: Star Rail Characters Stats Guide

Honkai: Star Rail serves up a universe filled with distinct playable units known as Characters. These entities primarily come into the player’s possession via the game’s gacha mechanism, Warps. Nevertheless, a few Characters can be procured for free through in-game missions or unique events.

Understanding Character Attributes

The efficacy of a Character in combat is defined by their individual stats. These include:

Health Points (HP) – A marker of the total damage a Character can sustain before being incapacitated in a fight.

Attack (ATK) – The damage amount that a Character inflicts.

Defense (DEF) – This reduces the quantum of damage sustained by a Character.

Speed – An indicator of the pace and frequency of a Character’s actions during combat.

Critical Hit Rate – The probability of a Character dealing a critical hit.

Critical Damage (Crit DMG) – The multiplier determining the damage when landing a critical hit.

Break Effect – This bolsters the Weakness Break effects (the damage volume dealt upon it), the damage inflicted by DoT’s each turn, and also the delay in enemy actions.

Outgoing Healing Boost – The scale of healing imparted by the Character’s Healing aptitude.

Energy Restoration Rate – The pace at which a Character accumulates energy for their Ultimate ability.

Effect Hit Rate – The chance of a Character inflicting a debuff on the enemy.

Effect Resistance (RES) – The difficulty level for an adversary to inflict a debuff on the Character.

Elemental Damage Boost – The multiplier for skills and attacks inflicting Elemental Damage. It should be noted that the game has seven distinct elements, each with its own unique Elemental Damage Boost stat.

Elemental Resistance Boost – This lessens the Elemental Damage absorbed by a Character. Just like the Elemental Damage Boost, there are seven different elements in the game, each with its unique Elemental RES Boost stat.

Elements and Paths of the Characters

Every Character within Honkai: Star Rail is linked to an Element, which stipulates the damage type of their attacks. The game currently accommodates seven Elements:

  1. Physical
  2. Fire
  3. Ice
  4. Lightning
  5. Wind
  6. Quantum
  7. Imaginary

Moreover, each Character in Honkai: Star Rail has a designated Path. Paths can be equated with character classes and give the player a general sense of the Character’s combat role and which Light Cones they can optimally exploit. The game currently has seven Paths:

  1. Destruction (General DPS/Bruisers)
  2. Hunt (Single Target DPS)
  3. Erudition (Multi-Target DPS)
  4. Harmony (Offensive/Utility Support)
  5. Nihility (Debuffer)
  6. Preservation (Defensive Support/Tank)
  7. Abundance (Healer)

Understanding Character Abilities

Every Character in Honkai: Star Rail boasts five distinctive abilities that mold their playstyle.

Basic Attack: The Basic Attack ability represents a Character’s auto-attack and is constantly available during combat. Although generally the least potent of a Character’s active combat abilities, it is a primary source for generating Skill Points, a resource essential for activating a Character’s Skill ability.

Skill: The Skill refers to a combat ability a Character can utilize, with effects that encompass dealing damage or providing buffs for allies. The Skill ability doesn’t have a cooldown but requires the expenditure of Skill Point(s) for usage.

Ultimate: A Character’s Ultimate ability typically emerges as their most formidable combat ability. To deploy the Ultimate ability, it must first be charged via certain combat actions such as striking or defeating adversaries. After each use, it must be recharged.

Talent: This is the Character’s passive ability. It typically manifests as a conditional effect where the Talent grants a certain advantage to the Character and/or their allies when specific conditions are fulfilled.

Technique: Standing apart from the other abilities, the Technique is an overworld ability, not a combat one, and is deployed before combat initiates. Based on the Character, its usage either triggers combat with a special attack or provides a buff before enemy engagement.

Navigating Character Development

Augmenting your Characters in Honkai: Star Rail bolsters their combat competencies, thereby enabling you to confront and triumph over the game’s more challenging content. The primary modes for a Character to grow stronger in Honkai: Star Rail encompass:

  1. Increasing the Character level.
  2. Upgrading the Character’s Traces.
  3. Unlocking the Character’s Eidolons.
  4. Equipping Light Cones.
  5. Equipping Relics and Planetary Ornaments.

Character Level and Ascension

Every Character in Honkai: Star Rail possesses a Character Level ranging from 1 to 80, acquiring additional stats as they level up. Upon reaching certain level milestones, Characters need to ascend to further their level. Characters commence with a base max Level of 20. With each Character ascension, their level cap rises by 10, up to a maximum of 80. To ascend a Character, materials from the Stagnant Shadow Bosses and overworld enemies need to be collected.

It’s important to remember that your Trailblaze Level (Account Level) also determines the ascension possibility of a Character. Even with all the required ascension materials at hand, you can’t ascend a Character beyond a certain Level unless your account also reaches the appropriate Trailblaze Level.

Unraveling Traces

Traces represent a skill upgrade tree inherent to each Character. Unlocking and upgrading the various nodes in a Character’s Trace provides them with stat bonuses, additional passive abilities, and enhancements to their five Skills.

Traces can be upgraded using materials found in the Crimson Calyx, received as mission rewards, or purchased in the shop. Notably, the ability to upgrade Traces is tied to your Character’s Ascension, necessitating leveling your Character before upgrading their Traces.

Deciphering Eidolons

Eidolons amplify a Character’s abilities or confer new passive bonuses upon them. Every Character boasts six Eidolon upgrades, each providing a distinct bonus.

Eidolon upgrades can be unlocked by procuring duplicate copies of the Character from Warps (the gacha system) or through in-game missions and events. The sole exception is the Main Character, whose Eidolon upgrades can be obtained via in-game missions and Trailblaze Level (Account Level) rewards.

Unveiling Light Cones

Light Cones are a form of equipment that all Characters can use. Comparable to weapons in other games, they confer stat bonuses to the Character to whom they are equipped.

Analogous to Characters, Light Cones also possess a Level that ranges from 1 to 80. They can be leveled up and ascended too, which enhances the stat bonus they offer to the equipped Character.

Each Light Cone also carries a Light Cone Ability, which is a passive bonus connected to one of the seven Paths. A Light Cone Ability commences at Rank 1 and can be amplified to Rank 5 using the Superimpose function.

To utilize the Superimpose function, you will need to spend duplicate Light Cones of the one you are upgrading. Each duplicate Light Cone you utilize will augment the Light Cone Ability’s Rank by 1. Be aware that any Light Cones used as a Superimpose material will be consumed and destroyed. Enhancing the Rank of a Light Cone Ability will boost some or all of the numerical part of the bonus it offers.

While all Light Cones can be equipped to any Character, only Characters of the Light Cone’s corresponding Path can employ its Light Cone Ability. This implies that a Character equipped with a Light Cone of a different Path will solely gain the stat bonuses that the Light Cone provides, and not its Light Cone Ability.

Decoding Relics

Relics constitute the other type of equipment in this game and play the role of armor and accessories in a traditional RPG game. Equipping your Characters with Relics affords them an array of stat increases from HP to ATK to Speed. Relics will provide your Characters with the primary bulk of their stat enhancements.

The game features 6 distinct types of Relics:

  1. Head
  2. Hands
  3. Body
  4. Feet
  5. Planar Sphere
  6. Link Rope

Please note that the game classifies Planar Sphere and Link Rope as Planetary Ornaments rather than Relics. This is a mere terminology distinction; for gameplay purposes, they function identically.

Every Relic possesses one main stat and up to 4 substats. The possible main stats, contingent on the Relic type, are:

  1. Head – Flat HP
  2. Hands – Flat ATK
  3. Body – HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Crit Rate%, Crit DMG%, Outgoing Healing Boost%, Effect Hit Rate%
  4. Feet – HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Speed
  5. Planar Sphere – HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Elemental Damage Boost*
  6. Link Rope – HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Break Effect%, Energy Regen Rate%

Illuminating Light Cones

In the realm of Honkai: Star Rail, Light Cones serve as an integral equipment type that all Characters can wield. Reminiscent of the function of weapons in many games, Light Cones furnish Characters with an enhancement in stats.

Echoing the attributes of Characters, Light Cones, too, have a Level, spanning from 1 to 80. The potential to level up and ascend exists for Light Cones as well. This progression enriches the stat bonus conferred to the Character in possession of the Light Cone.

Intriguingly, each Light Cone also incorporates a Light Cone Ability, a passive bonus tethered to one of the seven Paths. Beginning its journey at Rank 1, a Light Cone Ability can soar to Rank 5 using the Superimpose function.

To deploy the Superimpose function, the expenditure of duplicate Light Cones—identical to the one you’re seeking to upgrade—is required. The use of each duplicate Light Cone propels the Light Cone Ability’s Rank upward by 1. Remember that Light Cones harnessed as a Superimpose material will be consumed and removed from your inventory. Escalating the Rank of a Light Cone Ability bolsters part or all of the numerical bonus it offers.

Though all Light Cones can be outfitted to any Character, only Characters of the corresponding Path can exploit the Light Cone’s Ability. Consequently, a Character equipped with a Light Cone from a disparate Path will only benefit from the stat bonuses of the Light Cone, bypassing its Light Cone Ability.

Deciphering Relics

Standing in as the other form of equipment in Honkai: Star Rail, Relics mirror the roles of armor and accessories in conventional RPG games. The assignment of Relics to your Characters leads to an array of stat enhancements ranging from HP to ATK to Speed. The main enhancements to your Characters’ stats will come from these equipped Relics.

Honkai: Star Rail incorporates 6 distinct types of Relics:

  1. Head
  2. Hands
  3. Body
  4. Feet
  5. Planar Sphere
  6. Link Rope

It’s worth noting that the game designates the Planar Sphere and Link Rope as Planetary Ornaments, diverging from the term “Relics”. This is purely a nominal difference; from a gameplay perspective, they are functionally identical.

Each Relic hosts one primary stat and up to 4 substats. The potential primary stats, contingent on the type of Relic, include:

  1. Head – Flat HP
  2. Hands – Flat ATK
  3. Body – HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Crit Rate%, Crit DMG%, Outgoing Healing Boost%, Effect Hit Rate%
  4. Feet – HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Speed
  5. Planar Sphere – HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Elemental Damage Boost*
  6. Link Rope – HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Break Effect%, Energy Regen Rate%

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