Honkai: Star Rail Early Progression Tips

Let’s make an assumption that you’re already familiar with the elementary details of Honkai: Star Rail. These details span statistics, character categories, elements, skill points, relics, and so forth.

First Steps Post-Tutorial?

Completing the tutorial takes approximately half to a full hour, and the game does a commendable job at familiarizing you with the fundamental systems. The real fun begins as you unlock Warping and perform your initial pulls – that’s when the game truly unfolds.

However, before you start exploring every nook and cranny of the Herta Station or start hunting for chests and lore items, we recommend progressing through the Main Story quests. The reason? Despite completing the tutorial, numerous systems remain locked and are only accessible through the main story. This includes Daily Missions, Leveling Rewards, Trailblaze Power (stamina), and others.

Navigating Missions

Your Mission log will introduce you to a host of mission types to undertake:

  • Trailblaze Missions (in gold): These are the ones propelling the story forward. If one is available, prioritize it.
  • Companion Missions (in purple): These story-intensive missions delve into the backgrounds of your team members. While not as lengthy as Trailblaze missions, they demand a significant amount of time.
  • Adventure Missions (in blue): These are your typical side-missions – brief yet beneficial in gaining experience and other bonuses.
  • Daily Missions (in green): These are even quicker than Adventure missions, refreshing daily with random tasks.

Moving Forward

Armed with knowledge about mission types, let’s circle back to the Main Story!

The forthcoming Trailblazer Mission will acquaint you with Herta and the Simulated Universe – a roguelike mode where you deploy a four-character team into a simulated realm, gathering a random assortment of buffs to augment your team against the resident enemies.

Proceed to Herta’s office and undertake the trial run of SU. Here, you’ll unlock Herta – a character better suited for the bench. You might feel inclined to start another Simulated Universe run immediately, but it’s recommended to return to the Main Story.

Your journey will soon lead you away from Herta Station and towards the Astral Express. Here, you’ll unlock two new systems: Operation Briefing and Trailblaze Level rewards. The former involves a series of missions with diverse rewards, while the latter offers gifts every time you level up.

Your adventure continues as you arrive on a new planet, confronting the chilling temperatures and unlocking your Trailblaze Power (the game’s equivalent of stamina) upon encountering your first Calyx.

While there are various types of Calyx, initially, you’ll only have access to the Bud of Memories variant, providing Character EXP Materials. With your Trailblaze Power capped at 180/180, venture into the Calyx a few times to kickstart regeneration and utilize the materials you’ve acquired to level up your primary team.

Having unlocked most systems, you now have the freedom to return to Herta Station for side-missions or advance the Main Story on Jarilo-VI. Enjoy the journey!

Progression Tips and Strategies

To ease your early game progression, here’s a list of handy tips and strategies: (content not provided)

General Guidelines

  • Prioritize the Main Story. Wander and explore only when you need to level up to proceed with the next Main Story mission.
  • Level up your characters to the current level cap. The stat gains and damage formula impacts are significant, especially when confronting higher-level enemies.
  • Equip Light Cones with matching Path to the character, or you will miss out on its passive bonus, only gaining the basic stats bonus.
  • Level up the Light Cone to the current level cap.
  • Be mindful of resource limitations in the early stages. Avoid spreading yourself thin. This advice also applies to upgrading your characters’ Traces; prioritize characters you anticipate using over the long term.
  • Don’t allow your Traiblaze Power (stamina) to exceed the cap of 180 TP. Remember, you regenerate 240 TP daily, at a rate of 1 TP every 6 minutes.
  • Reserve your 3 weekly Echo of War runs until the day before reset (typically Tuesday).
  • Aim to reach TL 40 within the first two weeks. Higher difficulty EoW equates to superior rewards.
  • Take advantage of the weekly rewards in the Simulated Universe. Ensure to complete enough runs to unlock all rewards.
  • Pay attention to Region Shops, where you can procure essential materials and other items, including Eidolons for the Main Character. The currency for these shops can be obtained by completing missions in the shop’s respective zone.
  • Assign characters to tasks for free materials. Even if assigned, a character is still available for combat.
  • Complete your Battle Pass Daily and Weekly missions. The free path rewards are decent.
  • Delve into world exploration. Each map boasts a plethora of Treasures, unique enemies, puzzles, and quests. You can acquire experience, Stellar Jades, Relics, and various materials as rewards.
  • If you face a challenging battle, borrow a character from a friend. Keep your friend list full!
  • To enhance your Equilibrium Level, complete the Trial of the Equilibrium missions.
  • At Trailblazer levels 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 65, a mission unlocks which upgrades the world level and allows your characters to level past the current cap upon completion. However, don’t rush these Equilibrium upgrade missions! If you’re not adequately stocked with EXP and Ascension materials, the new world tier might prove challenging.

Combat Advice

  • Create a team balancing skill point spenders and generators. Spenders should be your damage dealers, while generators are usually supports that don’t require Skill every turn. A team composed entirely of damage dealers results in competition for Skill Points, causing a decline in damage output.
  • Align your damage dealers with the enemy’s weakness, especially in boss fights. If the Toughness Bar isn’t broken, the fight could be prolonged.
  • Adopt a defensive strategy. A defensive team is not only safer but more effective in the early game.
  • In the Simulated Universe, a defensive approach is imperative. An overly offensive team could lead to inefficiency.
  • Don’t stockpile your Technique Points. The items to restore them are readily available, so initiate battles by using a Technique.


  • Be judicious about upgrading each Relic piece you find. The necessary materials are limited and when exhausted, you will have to farm Relics to upgrade them. This leads to the next point…
  • Do not waste your stamina on farming Relics in the early game! Refer to the Stamina usage section for more detail on this.


  • Refrain from using Stellar Jades to pull on the General Warp. Use only the Basic Passes you receive from rewards and missions for this banner. Save your Stellar Jades for rate-up banners or stamina refreshes.

Stamina Usage

  • During the first one to two weeks, focus your Stamina on the following:
    • Golden Calyx: Bud of Memories and Golden Calyx: Bud of Aether to collect Character and Light Cone EXP Materials.
    • Crimson Calyx to gather materials needed for leveling up your Traces (your skills and passives).
    • Stagnant Shadow to obtain materials necessary for ascending your characters (required every 10 levels starting from level 20).
  • Only farm the Golden Calyx when you need EXP Materials. If your main team and their Cones are already at the current level cap, ignore the Calyx until you increase it again. Thus, your main focus should be on Traces and Ascension materials.
  • Don’t squander your stamina on farming Relics in the early game!In the Cavern of Corrosion, initially, you will be able to farm 3★ Relics, with a chance of getting 4★ Relics. Only at Difficulty 3 will you have a chance to drop 5★ Relics, which increases to 100% drop on Difficulty 4. This will take a few weeks of gameplay to reach.While using some stamina in the Simulated Universe early isn’t too harmful (even 2★ Relics and 3★ Relics can give you a significant boost), it is recommended to wait until you reach higher World levels in the Simulated Universe to access higher Relic rarities.

Summary of Stamina Usage

  • Below TL 40, concentrate on farming Ascension/Traces materials and Character/Cone EXP.
  • Once you reach TL 40, start farming CoC and SU as you’ve just unlocked Gold rarity.

How to Level Up Quickly?

If the next Main Story mission is a few levels away and you’re unsure about how to raise your Traiblaze Level, check out these available EXP sources in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • Do the Daily Training for 1000 EXP daily.
  • Complete the Adventure and Companion missions. These are great sources of additional experience (100-400 EXP per mission) and you also get nice rewards.
  • Spend Traiblaze Power. Regardless of what you use your TP (stamina) on, you’ll gain a set amount of experience.
  • Do Operation Briefing missions for additional EXP.
  • Explore the Open World. Treasures, monsters, and random encounters will provide additional experience.

While treasures can only be opened once, monsters respawn daily. After finishing your daily tasks and using up your stamina, you can roam around the maps and eliminate the monsters that respawn daily. This not only gives you experience but also Ascension materials!

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