Honkai: Star Rail F2P Characters Guide

Dive into the riveting world of Honkai: Star Rail with our thorough guide, exploring all the free-to-play (F2P) characters you can acquire just by advancing through the storyline and participating in events. If you’re keen to discover their unique capabilities and their effectiveness in a team setup, then you’ve come to the right place!

Honkai: Star Rail – An Overview of F2P Characters

In the universe of Honkai: Star Rail, players can unlock up to eight complimentary characters, counting your primary avatar, the Trailblazer. The roster comprises March 7th, Dan Heng, Natasha, Asta, Herta, Qingque, and Serval. The last one is awarded in light of the overwhelming number of pre-registrations for the game. Despite the fact that the majority of these characters are 4-star (excluding the Trailblazer), they are quite adept in battle scenarios. They span almost all available Paths, facilitating your hands-on experience in various DPS and support roles early in the game. Without further preamble, let’s commence with an in-depth analysis of the Trailblazer!

Dissecting Honkai: Star Rail – A Detailed Study of the Trailblazer

The Trailblazer character boasts two versions – the default Destruction Path and the Preservation Path, which becomes accessible later in the game. The Destruction Path embraces the Physical Element, where reducing the enemy’s Toughness to zero can trigger continuous damage in the form of Bleed. This element plays a pivotal role since you frequently encounter opponents susceptible to Physical Weaknesses, enabling frequent breaks. Therefore, they are a valuable asset to your team from the early to middle stages of the game.

The multifaceted Trailblazer (Physical) is proficient in inflicting substantial damage on single or multiple adversaries, whether through activating their RIP Home Run Skill or triggering their Blowout Ultimate Ability. They also exhibit resilience in battle. Not only do they possess the highest HP amongst all the F2P characters, but they also recover a part of their HP upon dealing Physical Damage to targets weak against it.

Contrastingly, the Trailblazer’s Preservation Path is comparatively more team-centric and can endure longer in combat. This is attributed to the temporary Shield they generate for the entire party upon launching any attack or Skill, contingent on stacking sufficient Magma Will. Accumulating Magma Will is a result of being struck by enemies, making it critical for this class to maintain high Defensive and Damage Reduction Stats. In contrast to the Trailblazer (Physical), this version can effectively taunt adversaries and inflict substantial Fire Damage, making them a fitting ally to accompany your other DPS characters when confronting Ice bosses vulnerable to Fire.

Digging Deeper into Honkai: Star Rail – An Exploration of March 7th

Much like the Trailblazer (Fire), March 7th aligns with the Preservation Path. She can utilize her key Skill to furnish an ally with a Shield based on her Defensive Stat, mitigating some of the incoming damage. This becomes particularly potent against bosses who either focus their attacks on a single character or deal massive damage with their Ultimate Abilities, potentially offering a lifesaving shield in crucial moments.

Nonetheless, bear in mind that The Power of Cuteness is a Skill, hence necessitating one available Skill Point for activation. Failing to have one will force you to wait until the next turn, potentially risking a critical moment. Moreover, when allies protected by the Shield are under attack, March 7th consistently counterattacks with her Ice Arrows.

In situations where you have an additional support character or when the combat is just commencing, March 7th can inflict Ice Damage on a solitary target. Though this Basic Attack is mediocre at best, it’s advantageous when you need to conserve Skill Points for your other team members.

March 7th is a valuable asset to your party, capable of generating Shields and exhibiting impressive crowd-control abilities. This can be executed at the onset of a battle by initiating the Freezing Beauty Technique or during the deployment of the Glacial Cascade Ultimate. Both methods enhance the Action Value of frozen enemies, potentially diminishing their chances of acting during their turn.

Honkai: Star Rail – Getting Acquainted with Dan Heng

Dan Heng is a user-friendly character in Honkai: Star Rail, renowned for delivering substantial single-target damage owing to his Hunt Path. Hence, he is your go-to 4-star character when up against bosses exhibiting Wind Weakness as he can decimate them with his Skills and Ultimate Ability.

Contrary to the Trailblazer, despite possessing substantial HP, Dan Heng lacks the same level of resilience in combat. Therefore, having a support character at hand to ensure his survival becomes crucial. This aligns well with his Talent, for example, if March 7th were to shield Dan Heng, he could bypass a portion of the enemy’s Wind damage resistance, thus inflicting greater damage.

All of Dan Heng’s abilities and Techniques contribute to amplifying his overall damage, making him straightforward to control. With his Cloudlancer Art: Torrent Skill, he can reduce the Speed stat of a target when a critical attack is unleashed. Coupled with Dan Heng’s Ethereal Dream Ultimate, he can deal impressive Wind Damage, especially when the enemy is slowed down.

Natasha – A Closer Look

Next, we introduce Natasha, another novice-friendly support character aligned with the Abundance Path. Primarily a healer for the team, Natasha also packs a punch when initiating combat. Her Hypnosis Research Technique allows her to inflict damage while potentially weakening all targets, provided they lack sufficient Physical Damage Resistance. If these adversaries are broken, their inflicted damage is mitigated.

In terms of healing, Natasha offers several mechanisms to salvage the team. Her healing power intensifies if her target’s HP is below the 50% mark. Additionally, she can instantly rejuvenate her own HP if it plummets critically low. While Natasha can occasionally employ Basic Attacks to inflict Physical Damage and conserve a Skill Point, its efficacy pales in comparison to others, making her more suited for her healing prowess, which can often turn the tide in battles.

Notably, as Natasha’s healing capacity scales with her HP, it’s vital to augment this stat and her Outgoing Healing to bolster her effectiveness in encounters.

Asta – The Fiery Combatant

Asta is a fascinating character following the Harmony Path, known for dealing substantial Fire Damage. Although seemingly ordinary, Asta is highly effective in a team context, particularly in enhancing the team’s attack power.

In this Honkai: Star Rail guide, consider Asta as a fusion of Erudition and Harmony due to her ability to bombard numerous enemies simultaneously with the Meteor Storm Skill. On occasion, this might even result in the Burn status effect. Fire, akin to the Physical Element, is pervasive in the game, especially in the early stages. This synergizes well with Asta’s passive ability, where every attacked target results in a Charging stack. The more stacks Asta accumulates, the greater the attack boost for her allies.

Regarding Asta’s Ultimate, it significantly elevates everyone’s Speed stat, enabling more frequent attacks in combat. Hence, it’s crucial to trigger this as soon as sufficient energy is gathered. Increased Speed is critical when you need to constantly attack the boss to break them; otherwise, they’ll have the opportunity to launch a potent attack against you.

Despite Asta’s impressive buffing and damage-dealing capabilities, she requires the assistance of support characters to shield her from excessive damage or heal her when the going gets tough.

Herta – The Icy Hammer

The subsequent three characters all adhere to the Erudition Path, albeit with different elements. First up is Herta, who wields the power to freeze multiple enemies with her mighty hammer while also delivering solid damage. She pairs well with other damage dealers like Dan Heng and the Trailblazer to efficiently eliminate their targets. Given Herta’s broad damage reach, she’s best suited for battles against mobs rather than a single boss.

Herta’s One-Time Offer Skill is particularly effective against adversaries whose HP is equal to or above 50%. This results in higher Ice Damage and potentially immobilizing them. Interestingly, Herta occasionally launches follow-up attacks. Unlike March 7th’s counter, she targets all enemies when their HP dips to 50% or lower, a scenario commonly seen towards the end of an encounter.

Qingque – The Quantum Enigma

Qingque is a distinct character who employs Quantum attacks. Inflicting sufficient Quantum Damage can cause Entanglement, thereby lowering the target’s Action Order. As a result, Qingque maintains her efficacy against bosses while dealing significant damage to multiple foes, albeit requiring a dash of luck to pilot her effectively.

Qingque – Master of Jade Tiles

Qingque’s abilities center around managing Jade tiles, which determine the efficacy of her actions. She can hold a maximum of four tiles. As a starting point, her passive Technique draws two tiles at the beginning of combat. With the Celestial Jade Talent, she can draw a random tile after an ally’s move. If she accumulates four tiles of the same suit, she enters the Concealed Kong State, substantially boosting her overall attack and, subsequently, her Basic Attack against regular enemies or bosses.

Qingque’s Ultimate automatically triggers this enhanced state, converting all four of her tiles to the same Fish suit. Coupled with the significant Quantum Damage she inflicts on all enemies, Qingque proves to be a compelling teammate.

Serval – The Thunder Striker

Finally, on the list of F2P characters in Honkai: Star Rail is Serval. Serval’s element is Lightning, which inflicts a Shock status effect on enemies, causing damage over time without stunning them. Serval’s main advantage lies in delivering Lightning Damage to multiple targets and applying DoT. Targets affected by this status effect endure higher damage.

Initially, she possesses an active Technique that allows her to commence combat by inflicting damage and potentially causing Shock against all enemies on the battlefield. Her Basic Attack on a single target occasionally results in additional Lightning Damage to other nearby enemies. Lastly, Serval’s Ultimate is effective against all enemies, particularly those affected by Shock, as the status effect’s duration is extended upon impact.

Final Words

These F2P characters should provide you with a solid foundation until you successfully obtain powerful premiums via the Warp System. This will facilitate more team experimentation to devise optimal setups. A combination of both 4-star and 5-star characters is recommended.

First is Bronya, a Harmony Path follower who specializes in debuff removal and enhancement of an ally’s attack and critical damage. She can also instantly elevate an ally’s position in the Action Order. Second is Tingyun, another Harmony character, recognized for boosting an ally’s attack power and providing additional Energy, making her valuable for main damage dealers.

The third character is the nimble Seele, following the Hunt Path. Seele can maintain invisibility until she attacks and gains an extra action after defeating an enemy, enabling her to attack more frequently than any other character in the game. If you’re unable to acquire them yet, consider alternatives such as Bailu, Gepard, Clara, and Sushang.

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