Honkai: Star Rail Fire Trailblazer Build Guide

We are delving into the Fire Trailblazer Build in Honkai: Star Rail in this comprehensive guide. This dynamic defensive support build, capable of functioning as a damage-per-second (DPS), shield breaker, and skill points regenerator, juggles multiple roles to amplify both team offense and defense.

Who is the Trailblazer in Honkai: Star Rail?

Your journey in Honkai: Star Rail commences with the Trailblazer character, regardless of whether you opt for a male or female persona. The game’s storyline unfolds across different planets, starting with the Physical Trailblazer. But, as the narrative on the first planet culminates, you unlock the Fire version. The Physical Trailblazer treads on the path of Destruction, whereas the Fire counterpart espouses the Preservation route. Each version requires unique investment and switching between them is seamless. In this guide, our concentration lies on maximizing the potential of the Preservation Trailblazer.

With no Eidolons in play, the Fire Trailblazer presents a team-wide shield, exhibits enchanted Area of Effect (AOE) normal attacks, and a taunt ability. In addition, they boost their own as well as their team’s resistance to damage. The inclusion of Eidolons enhances their damage in proportion to their Defense, triggering their enchanted attack frequently and increasing shield strength. Thus, for a majority of the game’s content, the Fire Trailblazer proves to be an excellent unit.

Fire Trailblazer Build Guide – A Deep Dive into Active Skills

The skill leveling priority typically follows this order: Talent > Basic Attack > Ultimate > Skill.

Ice-Breaking Light – The Normal Attack

The Normal Attack comprises two forms: the standard and the enchanted versions. The standard form mirrors other characters, striking a single enemy with standard damage coefficients. However, the Enchanted form targets a primary foe and two proximal enemies, boasting an augmented breaking capability.

Once the Fire Trailblazer accrues four or more “Magma Will” stacks, the enchanted version springs into action. As the methods of acquiring Magma Will stacks are varied, the enchanted version tends to be triggered frequently. Importantly, both attack types contribute a skill point to the team, rendering the Fire Trailblazer a viable SP-positive character on any team.

Ever-Burning Amber – The Unique Skill

This unique skill of the Fire Trailblazer is straightforward. It compels all enemies to attack the Trailblazer for one turn and simultaneously elevates the Trailblazer’s resistance to damage considerably for that same turn.

The leveling of this skill is generally not prioritized, since levels only marginally enhance the resistance bonus. The skill is contingent on situations and is commonly deployed only once at the onset of each enemy wave. The central idea here is to mitigate enemy damage by directing it towards the character with the least susceptibility to damage. Effective utilization of Light Cones and Relics can fortify the shield against impactful blows.

Treasure of the Architects – The Crucial Talent

Talent is undeniably the most critical component of this Honkai: Star Rail Fire Trailblazer Build. Each time the Trailblazer employs a normal attack or skill, they gather “Magma Will” stacks, thereby enabling enchanted normal attacks at the expense of four Magma Will stacks. Additionally, whenever the Trailblazer utilizes a normal, skill, or ultimate attack, a team-wide shield is generated, with the shield strength scaling in relation to the Talent level and the Trailblazer’s Defense stat.

War-Flaming Lance – The Ultimate Skill

At an energy cost of 120, the Fire Trailblazer unleashes a powerful Area of Effect (AOE) fire damage across the field, scaling with both Attack and Defense stats. Post-usage of this ultimate skill, an enchanted attack is guaranteed without depleting any Magma Will stacks. Notably, this Ultimate is equipped with robust shield-breaking abilities and further facilitates an extra enchanted attack, thereby enhancing the shield break capacity. Hence, the ultimate skill proves highly effective against fire-vulnerable enemies and serves as a significant damage source.

Traces: Passive Skills of Fire Trailblazer in Honkai: Star Rail

Traces, the passive skills that characters unlock with increasing levels and reaching specific Ascension levels, require farming and resources. Nevertheless, they significantly bolster the Fire Trailblazer’s capabilities. Minor Traces contribute a substantial Defense bonus, whereas major Traces augment team damage resistance, healing, and energy generation.

The Strong Defends the Weak – Ascension 2

This trace enhances the team-wide damage reduction for a single turn, akin to the taunt duration, and serves as a viable strategy to mitigate the damage inflicted on your team by enemies charging their attacks. However, in the absence of enemies charging their attacks, prioritize normal attacks over the skill.

Unwavering Gallantry – Ascension 4

A crucial survivability buff, this trace equips the enchanted normal attacks with a self-healing feature. As the Trailblazer cannot fully negate all incoming damage with their shield, this trace aids in alleviating some HP loss, serving an essential role against single-target enemies in niche teams that do not include a healer. However, it is ineffective against enemies causing significant AOE damage.

Action Beats Overthinking – Ascension 6

If the Fire Trailblazer begins your turn shielded, they acquire bonus attack and generate energy. However, the conditions for this trace are specific; it necessitates the persistence of shields between turns. The bonus is forfeited if enemies eliminate the shield, even if the Fire Trailblazer refreshes it. Therefore, maintaining this bonus requires an additional source of shields, such as another shielder like March 7th, a Light Cone like Texture of Memories, or a blessing from Preservation Path in the Simulated universe.

Eidolons of Fire Trailblazer in Honkai: Star Rail

As the primary character, the Trailblazer’s Eidolons are free and they bear five-star stats. Eidolons are accessible via the story and regional shops, allowing you to acquire them for the Trailblazer faster than any other five-star or four-star characters.

The 1st Eidolon amplifies the damage of normal attacks, with an even greater enhancement to enchanted normal attacks. This bonus, scaling with Defense, enhances the offensive potential of the Fire Trailblazer without compromising on defense.

The 2nd Eidolon strengthens the shield from your talent, and the 4th allows the Fire Trailblazer to enter combat with four Magma Will stacks. This feature facilitates an immediate Enchanted normal attack in the first turn, boosting AOE, shield breaking, damage, and healing.

The 6th Eidolon provides a stacking Defense bonus of up to an extra 30% Defense. The precondition to unlock this bonus is the use of enchanted attacks, an innate ability of the Fire Trailblazer. This Eidolon notably elevates the overall performance of the Fire Trailblazer, taking them to unparalleled heights.

Honkai: Star Rail Fire Trailblazer Build – Light Cone

In the Honkai: Star Rail Fire Trailblazer build, gearing is a significant aspect that often demands a fair bit of trial and error with various teams and setups to achieve peak performance. Let’s examine the recommended Light Cone for the Trailblazer, supporting their roles as a defensive support, DPS, and breaker.

Light Cones, akin to weapons in other games, can be equipped on any character, but Cones aligning with a character’s Path provide comprehensive benefits. Fire Trailblazer belongs to the “Perseverance” Path, which emphasizes Defense scaling, shield enhancement, taunting, and minor healing. All these features make the Fire Trailblazer highly versatile, with a multitude of strong options to select from.

Amber – Three Stars

Boasting the highest Defense stat among the three stars, Amber serves as an excellent starting point for any Perseverance character. It carries an additional Defense bonus in its passive and further Defense boost when HP drops below 50%. Overall, it’s an easy choice.

We Are Wildfire – Four Stars

This is a guaranteed reward that can be easily purchased from the Forgotten Hall Store and upgraded to the max Superimpose tier. It features a decent Defense stat and provides all allies with damage reduction, along with some HP restoration at the battle’s commencement. Although the damage reduction buff lasts only five turns, it still ensures a high uptime.

This Cone is a standard upgrade over the three-star options. In double Perseverance teams, you can use it on one character and “Amber” on the other until you obtain an upgrade from gacha.

Day One of My New Life – Four Star

This Cone is an upgrade from “We Are Wildfire”, obtainable randomly from Warps. It shares the same base Defense as “We Are Wildfire”, but comes with a Defense bonus on its passive. Rather than increasing allies’ damage resistance, it provides them with Effect Resistance, making them less susceptible to harmful debuff effects such as freeze, imprisonment, or any Damage over Time (DoT). The Effect Resistance is permanent, so it’s incredibly potent, and the lost damage resistance is compensated by better shields.

Overall, this is the best four-star option for the Fire Trailblazer and should be employed at any time, unless a five-star pull or purchase is made.

Texture of Memories – Five Stars

This Cone can be purchased from Herta’s Store using currency earned from the Simulated Universe. Upon completion of World 3, you can buy your first weapon. The weapon pool is limited to three Paths: Perseverance, Hunt, and Destruction. If you already possess a better Light Cone for Hunt, you can effortlessly acquire the Light Cone for Perseverance.

“Texture of Memories” is the best choice for a Fire Trailblazer, offering high base Defense and a new shield based on HP, which usually has greater strength than shields scaling with Defense. If your Fire Trailblazer already has a shield, they will receive damage reduction instead of a new shield.

This Cone significantly enhances survivability while also enabling the Ascension 6 Trace to proc, resulting in augmented damage and energy generation.

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