Honkai: Star Rail Game Modes and Systems

Honkai: Star Rail extends beyond the boundaries of conventional gaming, offering a plethora of engaging modes that allow the player to explore, embark on missions, and enjoy a multitude of other activities.

Resource and Boss Challenges

Scattered across the expansive overworld of Honkai: Star Rail, the player will stumble upon several dungeon-like entrances. Venturing into these dungeons offers an opportunity to gather valuable resources and materials for account progression. To reap the benefits of these stages, the player must invest a certain amount of Trailblaze Power.

The various challenges include:

Calyx Challenges

These standard resource stages offer distinct material rewards, contingent on the specific Calyx stage you’re engaged in:

  • Calyx: Bud of Memories – Offers Character EXP material.
  • Calyx: Bud of Aether – Yields Light Cone EXP material.
  • Calyx: Bud of Grit – Earn in-game credits.

Moreover, there are seven diverse Calyx stages, each mirroring one of the seven Paths. These Calyx stages cycle on a daily basis, providing Character Trace upgrade materials and Light Cone Ascension materials.

A single Calyx challenge demands an investment of 10 Trailblaze Power. The system allows you to stack up to six Calyx runs consecutively, thereby enabling you to replay the same stage without needing to exit and re-enter. Each run will cost you 10 Trailblaze Power (a total of 60 Trailblaze Power for six runs).

Stagnant Shadow Challenges

These stages provide Character ascension materials, with each stage offering a unique ascension material. Be sure to refer to your Character page to identify the material needed for the Character you wish to ascend. One Stagnant Shadow stage requires 30 Trailblaze Power.

Cavern of Corrosion Challenges

These stages reward players with Relics and require 40 Trailblaze Power for a single run.

Echo of War Challenges

These weekly boss stages offer rewards including Relics, Tracks of Destiny (Character skill level upgrade material), and Light Cones. You can engage in a maximum of three Echo of War runs per week, with an allowance for multiple runs of the same stage. Each Echo of War stage costs 30 Trailblaze Power.

The Enigmatic Forgotten Hall

The Forgotten Hall poses a thrilling challenge where the goal is to conquer a group of adversaries in the least possible number of turns. Your performance in a Forgotten Hall stage is rated between zero to three stars, with the number of turns dictating your star count. The higher the stars awarded, the more valuable the rewards.

This mode, especially the final stages, presents a formidable challenge, and is considered end-game content. The Forgotten Hall is divided into two segments: Memory and Memory of Chaos.

  • Memory consists of 15 stages, rewarding Stellar Jades once completed.
  • The advanced Memory stages require two teams of up to four characters.
  • Memory of Chaos comprises 10 stages, awarding Stellar Jades upon completion.
  • Memory of Chaos stages offer a greater challenge compared to Memory stages.
  • Memory of Chaos stages periodically reset, allowing players to replay and earn additional Stellar Jades.

Simulated Universe: A Roguelike Adventure

The Simulated Universe offers a unique roguelike experience. Here, the player chooses a team of four characters, venturing into a simulated world to acquire a random assortment of buffs to enhance their team and combat the enemies within. The goal is to navigate through a series of semi-randomized combat and non-combat stages to ultimately defeat the boss in the final stage.

This game mode does not necessitate any expenditure of Trailblaze Power, and the player can initiate a run in the Simulated Universe without any restrictions.

Mastering the Game Mechanics

Honkai: Star Rail offers a rich array of game systems to master. From Trailblaze Levels to Assignments, these mechanisms bring depth and complexity to the game, ensuring an engaging experience for all players.

Trailblaze Level and Power

The Trailblaze Level serves as a measure of your account’s overall progress, which can be elevated by earning Trailblaze EXP. This experience can be garnered mainly by completing in-game missions and events, as well as utilizing Trailblaze Power – the game’s stamina system.

Elevating your Trailblaze Level unlocks additional game features, such as Training Missions, and expands the number of times you can ascend your Characters, thereby increasing their level cap. Furthermore, surpassing certain Trailblaze Level milestones intensifies the difficulty of overworld enemies. The cap for the Trailblaze Level is set at 70.

Alongside the increase in Trailblaze Level, the Equilibrium Level also ascends, thereby making adversaries more formidable but simultaneously escalating rewards. The Equilibrium Level experiences a boost at Level 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 65, following the completion of the corresponding Adventure Mission.

Each time your Trailblaze Level advances, Pom-Pom at the Astral Express presents you with rewards.

The stamina system of Honkai: Star Rail is embodied in the Trailblaze Power, primarily utilized for acquiring resources and upgrading materials from the game’s varied resource and boss dungeons.

Trailblaze Power regenerates at a rate of 1 per 6 minutes, with a storage capacity of 180. A total of 240 Trailblaze Power can be generated daily.

To replenish your Trailblaze power, you can utilize Fuel (a reward from various missions) or Stellar Jades. Fuel, an in-game consumable, instantly provides 60 Trailblaze Power when used.

Diverse Mission Categories

Honkai: Star Rail encompasses a range of mission types, including:

Trailblaze Missions – The main story missions, identified by an orange color in your quest log and mini-map. They offer Stellar Jades, the game’s gacha currency, and are essential for account progression as they unlock new areas and regions.

Companion Missions – Character-specific side missions offering more context and lore about the Character at their core. These missions, highlighted in purple in your quest log and mini-map, provide Stellar Jades and a substantial amount of Trailblaze EXP, thereby aiding in leveling up your Trialblaze Level.

Adventure Missions – Side missions marked in blue in your quest log and mini-map. Some offer Stellar Jades as a reward.

Training Missions – These are your daily missions, providing a semi-randomized set of 6 tasks each day. Completion of each mission grants 100 or 200 Activity Points, with a total of 500 needed to unlock all daily rewards, including 60 Stellar Jades and several upgrade materials.

Operation Briefing – A set of beginner missions designed to navigate the player’s progression at the game’s onset. Rewards include Stellar Jades, Warp Passes, Relics, Light Cones, and other beneficial items.

Achievements – As the name suggests, Achievements are a collection of tasks that players can complete to earn varying amounts of Stellar Jades.

Assignments – These are passive tasks that players can assign to their Characters. During Assignments, Characters collect resources and materials passively for the player. Players can dispatch up to 4 sets of 2 Characters (8 in total) on Assignments simultaneously, each having a duration of 4, 8, 12, or 20 hours.

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