Honkai: Star Rail Herta Build Guide

The path to mastery in Honkai: Star Rail often involves meticulous planning and strategy, especially when it comes to building character setups. As such, I’ll walk you through an effective strategy to use Herta, a character who specializes in dealing substantial Ice Damage and immobilizing adversaries. We’ll discuss key aspects such as crucial stats, skills, and preferred companions to make the most of her combat prowess. If you aspire to master an Area of Effect (AoE) sub DPS character who immobilizes targets while dispensing high Ice Damage, then this comprehensive guide for a Level 40 Herta build is your go-to resource.

Honing the Skills of Herta in Honkai: Star Rail

In the world of Honkai: Star Rail, Herta stands out as a complimentary 4-star character, renowned for her expertise in distributing Ice Damage amongst multiple enemies, particularly when these adversaries are under the Freeze effect. An increase in her attack power could drastically elevate her combat efficiency. Fortunately, Herta possesses an arsenal of stat boosts, enabling her to effectively counteract and evade enemy crowd-control mechanisms.

In order to make Herta’s team an unyielding force, you should aim to incorporate characters like Welt, known for immobilizing enemies via the Imprisonment effect, or the tough Physical Trailblazer who can inflict significant physical damage on all opponents. Supplementary characters like Tingyun and Natasha, who can elevate an ally’s Attack and replenish everyone’s HP respectively, are also advisable.

Delving into Herta’s Stats and Eidolons in Honkai: Star Rail

In this Herta setup, our character treads the path of Erudition, which empowers her to deal hefty damage to multiple targets, akin to other characters like Qingue and Serval. This makes her an invaluable addition to the team, especially in encounters involving challenging foes and pesky mobs. Being assigned the role of a damage dealer, your main investments should target Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and Attack stats.

Improving these primary stats will greatly boost Herta’s performance in combat. More specifically, the Ice Damage burst she delivers, along with the Damage Over Time (DoT) resulting from freezing her enemies, will be significantly enhanced. As her Ice Damage scales with Attack, it’s crucial to consistently augment this stat.

For secondary stats, the focus should remain on enhancing Crit and Attack, closely followed by Break Effect and Speed. A high Break Effect ensures the effectiveness of Ice Damage inflicted by Herta post target toughness reduction. It also boosts her Ice DoT post freezing. Good Speed translates to increased attack frequency and the likelihood of landing the first hit. The more frequently Herta can deal damage, the quicker she can conclude encounters.

In the realm of Eidolons, the goal is to unlock all six to maximize Herta’s potential. High priority should be placed on “No One Can Betray Me” at Level 6, “Hit Where It Hurts” at Level 4, and “Keep the Ball Rolling” at Level 2. The Eidolon “No One Can Betray Me” notably boosts Herta’s Attack each time her Ultimate Ability is deployed, enabling her to deal immense Ice Damage in the subsequent turn.

Exploring Eidolons and Their Effects in Herta’s Honkai: Star Rail Build

Understanding the intricacies of Eidolons is vital for maximizing Herta’s potential. Some Eidolons trigger upon activation of her Talent, which incorporates an automatic follow-up attack whenever any ally strikes a target with 50% or less HP. Specifically, “Hit Where It Hurts” boosts Herta’s Ice Damage, while “Keep the Ball Rolling” amplifies her Crit Rate up to 5 times. Given Herta’s speciality in dishing out AoE damage, these substantial buffs will enable her to wreak havoc on multiple foes each turn.

Honkai: Star Rail Herta Build Guide: Skills and Traces Analysis

In this segment, we delve into Herta’s Skills and Traces, providing insights on which elements to prioritize during combat.

“Fine, I’ll Do It Myself” (Talent) – This potent passive enables Herta to execute an immediate counter-attack on any adversary with 50% or less HP that’s been hit by an ally. This skill accelerates the disposal of regular enemies and effectively chips away at the health of stronger foes. The icing on the cake is her distribution of Ice Damage across all enemies on the battlefield.

“It Can Still Be Optimized” (Technique) – This ‘enhance’ technique offers a significant buff to Herta’s attack, boosting it by 40% for the first three turns of an encounter. When coupled with the CRIT Rate Boost Traces, her chances of landing devastating critical hits are greatly enhanced.

“What Are You Looking At?” (Basic ATK) – This routine attack allows Herta to deal Ice Damage to a single enemy. The activation of “When Are You Looking At?” not only earns a skill point but also deals additional Ice Damage once “Kick You When You’re Down” has been unlocked. To maximize Herta’s damage output, investment in “DMG Boost: Ice” is recommended.

“One-Time Offer” (Skill) – An impressive skill that lets Herta inflict amplified Ice Damage on foes with 50% or higher HP. This skill works best when activated early in combat. It synergizes well with the Efficiency Ability, permitting her to deal an extra 25% Ice Damage every time.

“It’s Magic, I Added Some Magic” (Ultimate) – This Ultimate skill allows Herta to deal more than twice the Ice Damage of “One-Time Offer,” targeting multiple enemies. To enhance the damage inflicted on frozen adversaries, it’s advisable to access the “Icing Ability” at Character Ascension 6.

For the remaining Traces, unlocking “DEF Boost” and the “Puppet Ability” can bolster Herta’s survivability. “DEF Boost” enhances her defenses, while “Puppet” significantly increases her resistance to crowd control debuffs by a formidable 35%, enabling her to better safeguard herself.

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