Honkai: Star Rail March 7th Build Guide

In our deep dive into the Honkai Star Rail universe, we will discuss a robust defensive support build for March 7th. This unique build emphasizes protecting her and her allies with formidable shields, thereby catering to certain characters’ reliance on shields for their optimal performance.

Understanding March 7th’s Role in Honkai: Star Rail

An Ice Bow user hailing from the Perseverance Path, March 7th is a free-to-play character in the game, distinguished by her powerful single-target shield. The potency of this shield, along with its easy accessibility and additional taunt, set her apart. Besides, her debuff cleansing abilities and her knack to freeze adversaries amplify her value as an unparalleled defensive support from early to endgame.

March 7th also possesses a counter ability to boost her team’s damage and shield breaking prowess, fortifying her position as a key component of various team compositions. While her stats may lag behind other characters on the Perseverance path, her exceptional skills, particularly her ability to bestow a shield on herself or an ally with each skill cast, compensate this minor shortfall. Post her 4th Ascension, her shields endure for 4 turns, effectively allowing for a shielded team, once every turn.

However, in actual gameplay, adequate shield coverage on a few characters suffices, provided you manage enemy aggro appropriately. Conveniently, the aggro management feature is bundled with the shield, causing enemies to target the shield-bearing character more often, providing you superior control over the combat situation.

March 7th Build Guide – Skill Prioritization

Skill Progression Order: Skill >> Ultimate > Talent > Basic Attack

The Frigid Cold Arrow – Normal Attack

March 7th frequently utilizes her normal attack, negating the need for new shields every turn. The idea is to make March 7th generate more skill points rather than consuming them. She could be deployed as a natural unit, alternating between her skill and normal attack to maintain an equilibrium in point usage and generation.

In this particular Honkai: Star Rail March 7th build, normal attacks’ damage isn’t remarkable due to a comprehensive focus on defense to strengthen the shield. Nevertheless, it does aid in shattering the Toughness of enemies susceptible to Ice, although March’s more frequent counterattacks (via Talent) have a higher chance of doing so. Consequently, we assign the lowest priority to normal attack upgrades to conserve resources for crucial skills.

The Power of Cuteness – Active Skill

The shield of March 7th springs from her skill and can be cast onto any ally or herself. Its substantial numerical values, accounting for 61% of March 7th’s DEF plus an additional flat shield strength of 846 at the highest level, make it remarkably sturdy. The shield’s default longevity is three turns, extending to four turns after the 4th Ascension, indicating high durability and uptime.

The initial shield deployment on the first turn often determines the direction of the ensuing battle, allowing you to control the combat dynamics. If March 7th possesses sufficient Speed, you can initiate the shield before any enemy onslaught. You can either confer the shield on March 7th herself, making her a tank, or grant it to your main DPS to increase their energy pool, as characters gain energy upon being struck by enemies.

There are unique scenarios, such as characters like Clara and Yanqing. Clara relies on being hit to increase her damage output, hence a shield from March 7th provides her with both the desired aggro and protection. On the contrary, Yanqing’s high damage output is maintained when he avoids damage, something March 7th’s shield aids in. She ensures that Yanqing can withstand hits without taking damage.

As discussed earlier, we avoid using the shield every turn, instead alternating between skills and normal attacks.

Girl Power – Talent

“Girl Power,” despite its simplicity, is an effective talent where March 7th counterattacks any enemy attacking a shielded ally. This includes any shielded ally, irrespective of the shield’s origin. Thus, even in the presence of another shielder (like Fire Trailblazer), March 7th remains a viable pick. Additionally, it’s triggered by any shield procured from blessings in the Simulated Universe.

The talent can strike back twice per turn, dealing damage equivalent to normal attacks. It boosts her energy generation for more frequent ultimate casting and aids in breaking down enemies weak to Ice.

Glacial Cascade – Ultimate

For an energy cost of 120, March 7th unleashes an AOE Ice ultimate engulfing the entire field. With a default 50% freezing chance, it escalates to 65% at the 6th Ascension and can be further amplified with gear or Light Cone stats.

Frozen enemies incur damage in the subsequent turn, effectively forcing enemies to forfeit a turn while breaking their Toughness. Although March 7th requires a few turns to fully replenish her energy, hitting shielded characters each turn elevates her energy generation. Thus, in a team with Gepard or Fire Trailblazer, March 7th can utilize her ultimate more frequently.

Freezing Beauty – Technique

The Technique skill can be utilized outside combat, primarily to kickstart a fight with an advantageous edge. However, its usage is limited by its charge count. March 7th’s Technique directly attacks enemies and is typically deployed to initiate combat.

At the onset, she targets all enemies vulnerable to Ice, damaging their Toughness. It also freezes a random enemy, making it forfeit its first turn. Hence, I prefer utilizing March 7th’s Technique over the Techniques of DPS characters.

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