Honkai: Star Rail Reroll Guide

Contemplating Rerolling: Is It Worth It?

To put it succinctly, the answer is a resounding no.

For a more elaborate explanation, we need to look into recent changes by Mihoyo. The gaming company has eliminated the Guest Login feature from its array of games, Honkai: Star Rail included. Consequently, it necessitates a unique account for every reroll endeavour, given that the salting technique isn’t functional either.

Thus, in case you’re engaged with another game such as Genshin Impact, and you have intentions of rerolling, sadly, both games cannot coexist on the same account. Notably, it requires approximately half an hour to forty minutes to navigate the tutorial and arrive at the point where you can actually initiate pulling. This extended period can be attributed to the heavy story-laden tutorial, with conversations that are impossible to skip.

The game’s relatively low rates (0.3%/0.6% for a 5★ Character) mean that it could consume an entire day’s worth of rolling just to get one character – and even then, it’s likely not the one you desired given you’ll only manage around 20-22 pulls when Warping is unlocked. Though 20 Star Rail Passes (summon tickets) will be available for pre-registration, they are not applicable on the Rate-Up banners, thereby making rerolling for Seele an impossibility. However, a 5★ Character is guaranteed from the Departure Warp Banner within the first 50 pulls.

The Mechanics of Rerolling

Unfortunately, there’s a singular method. As we highlighted earlier, a vast amount of dummy emails is essential for rerolling, owing to the blockage of the salting method.

The rerolling sequence involves:

  • Initiating the game with a new email.
  • Enduring 30-40 minutes of tedious clicking through dialogue.
  • Suffering further as you execute your pulls.
  • Logging out and proceeding with a new email. Fortunately, emulators on PC permit the use of their multi-instance feature for rerolling several accounts concurrently. More light will be shed on this nearer to the game’s release date.

Navigating the Prologue

The prologue in Honkai: Star Rail serves as the tutorial, taking approximately 30-40 minutes to unlock Warping, the game’s version of gacha.

Our attempts at creating an optimal route during the Final Beta were thwarted as the game steers players through a corridor-like route, gradually introducing a variety of characters and game features like exploration, roles, and diverse combat mechanics. Consequently, it’s impossible to bypass any part of the tutorial, necessitating full engagement with the game’s challenges.

The most frustrating aspect prolonging the tutorial, however, are the abundant conversations. You’re bound to endure countless dialogues, waiting for every character’s speech before you can interrupt them. It’s a demanding process.

The Course of the Prologue (Spoilers Alert!)

Your initial play will be as Kafka, in collaboration with Silver Wolf, exploring the station. Following a few minutes of Kafka vanquishing the Antimatter Legion, the main character becomes available for selection, either Female or Male, with no significant impact on gameplay as both genders possess identical skills and passives.

Subsequently, March 7th and Dan Heng take over from Kafka and Silver Wolf, continuing the exploration, and unlocking Traces and Light Cones. At this juncture, Himeko temporarily joins the team, simplifying the defeat of the Legion. Following a few combats, including a boss battle.

A Crucial Tip to Keep in Mind

Given the combat-intensive nature of the tutorial, make the most of your Adventure Logs to level up the MC and Dan Heng. This enhancement will bolster their damage output, facilitating faster monster elimination.

The Pulling Process

Upon tutorial completion and the unlocking of Warping, 20 Star Rail Passes are rewarded from pre-register incentives. Regrettably, these Passes are inapplicable on Rate-Up banners, as these demand Star Rail Special Passes. Hence, pulling must occur either on the Departure Warp (beginner banner) or the Stellar Warp (regular banner).

Ideally, your Trailblaze Level should be at level 4, but sometimes, it may just be at TL 3. You may opt to play a little longer to achieve TL 5, securing an extra 10 Star Rail Passes from the launch progression event.

The subsequent reward in the event requires reaching TL level 15, typically taking 2-3 hours. Progression to level 15 provides enough Star Rail Passes to reach the pity on the Departure Warp and secure your first 5★ Character, though this is a time-consuming process.

Consequently, you are presented with a few alternatives:

The Quick and Eager Reroll

The approach here involves executing 20 pulls on the Stellar Warp banner immediately after unlocking warping. The objective is to commence with 2x 5★ Characters – one from the 20 pulls on the Stellar Warp banner and the other from the Departure Warp pity within 50 pulls. Remember, however, that a 5★ pull from the initial 20 pulls has only a 0.3% chance, which may necessitate several attempts. An additional play of about 10-15 minutes to reach TL 5 can earn you 10 more tickets. This method requires about 30-40 minutes.

The Patient Strategy

This method calls for the execution of 20 pulls on the Departure Warp banner right after unlocking warping. Though the banner offers 50 pull pity, you might land the 5★ character earlier. If luck is not on your side, continue playing to earn 10 more tickets at TL 5 and another 10 at TL 15. This is sufficient to reach the 50 pity as the banner offers a 20% discount (requiring only 40 tickets for 50 pulls). You will acquire one of the 7 available characters. If it’s a character you favor – congratulations! If not, you’ll have to give it another shot. This approach demands about 30-40 minutes for 20 pulls, 50-60 minutes for 30 pulls, and 120-150 minutes for 40 and 50 pulls.

The Volkin Special

Like the patient strategy, execute 20 pulls on the Departure Warp banner post-unlocking warping. If you’re not lucky, keep playing to gain 10 more tickets at TL 5. From here, instead of continuing the story, buy a few summon tickets from the store and conduct a chest run to acquire the remaining Jades. Volkin’s video offers a detailed overview of the route and method, taking approximately 60-75 minutes.

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