Honkai: Star Rail Serval Build Guide

Today we will delve into the Honkai Star Rail Serval Construction Guide, putting emphasis on the AOE Lightning DPS Serval Build. This versatile build not only serves as a shield breaker but also as a Damage Over Time (DoT) inflictor. The principal approach of this build is the attrition of enemy robustness through multiple attacks, as well as the efficient elimination of smaller adversaries through Area of Effect (AOE) damage.

All about Serval in Honkai: Star Rail

Available to everyone as a free in-game mail reward, Serval is a confirmed asset in your character portfolio. Originating from the Erudition Path, she stands as a four-star lightning DPS. Her skills encompass an Area of Effect (AOE) that bombards enemies, accompanied by an elevated probability of triggering a Shock DoT. A bonus feature in her arsenal is her talent, which sanctions an additional assault on all Shock-afflicted enemies. Hence, Serval has the capacity to unleash three hits per turn on her adversaries, making her an exceptional tool against those vulnerable to lightning.

Even without any Eidolons, Serval exhibits formidable prowess that can match or slightly trail behind the top-tier AOE damage dealers. As a four-star character, she can unlock her potential to an even greater extent with additional Eidolons. Although she falls short against single enemies, many bosses in Honkai Star Rail often call for backup. Thus, in such situations, Serval still maintains her relevance.

Serval’s Arsenal of Active Skills

When it comes to skill leveling priority, it goes as follows: Skill > Talent > Ultimate > Basic Attack.

Roaring Thunderclap – Regular Assault

Serval inflicts lightning damage on a single target, devoid of any base Shock chance. Serval’s normal attacks come into play if your team is scarce on skill points and needs to generate some. Notwithstanding, we generally don’t prioritize normal attacks unless we have established a consistent Shock duration on all enemies.

Despite the ability to activate her talent following a normal attack, the prerequisite is the enemy being Shocked. Therefore, it becomes vital to induce Shock on all enemies before resorting to normal attacks. Nonetheless, her regular assault doesn’t contribute significantly to her total damage output, thus we do not prioritize its leveling.

The first Eidolon imbues Serval’s regular assault with some AOE by targeting an additional random enemy.

Lightning Flash – Skill Set

Serving as the crux of Serval’s abilities, Lightning Flash inflicts lightning damage on a single enemy while causing collateral damage to two adjacent enemies. This skill has an innate 80% shock chance, escalating to 100% with Ascension 2 trace. However, this shock chance comes into effect before considering enemies’ resistance to effects, implying the necessity for a higher effect hit rate. Though minor traces provide an additional 20% effect hit rate, we seek more from gear.

Once under the effect of Shock, enemies suffer from DoT at the commencement of their respective turns. By default, the Shock triggered by her skill persists for two turns, extendable by two more turns via her ultimate. If you use her skill on an already Shocked enemy, you increase the duration instead of refreshing it. Therefore, after employing the skill several times, Serval can begin using regular attacks without compromising her damage output.

In situations with more than three enemies, you’ll have to employ her skill multiple times to induce Shock on all of them, implying that she will expend higher skill points than her standard rotation.

Understanding Damage, Skills, and Traces in Serval’s Build

It’s important to note that the damage resulting from the DoT isn’t fixed and scales with Serval’s skill level, making the leveling of her skill a significant factor in her overall damage output.

Galvanic Chords – Talent Feature

Serval’s talent allows her to deal an additional lightning hit on all Shocked enemies after she attacks any enemy. This feature is her primary shield-breaking tool, as each hit chips away at the enemies’ shields. Her DoT hits once on the enemies’ turns, and her talent hits once on Serval’s turn. Thus, if you also employ her skill on the same turn, it results in a total of three hits.

Serval’s talent damage is almost like an AOE, considering she usually applies Shock to all enemies on the field. It also scales well and hits with more intensity than the splash damage from her skill.

Here Comes the Mechanical Fever – Ultimate Move

For a mere cost of 100 energy, Serval’s ultimate move strikes all enemies on the field with potent lightning damage. If the enemies are already under Shock, she prolongs their Shock status by an additional two turns. The 4th Eidolon enables Serval’s ultimate move to apply Shock to those enemies who are yet to be affected, improving the overall damage output significantly.

The minimal cost of her ultimate move allows Serval to utilize it more frequently than other characters. She has traces that reward her with an additional 15 energy at the onset of each battle. Coupled with the 2nd Eidolon, her talent repays 4 energy each time it’s activated. Under favorable circumstances, she can keep extending the Shock on enemies without consuming many skill points.

Honkai: Star Rail Serval – Understanding Traces

In Honkai: Star Rail, traces are passive skills that characters unlock upon leveling up and reaching specific ascension levels. For this Serval build, you’d need to farm and allocate resources to unlock traces. However, these traces provide Serval with a considerable edge, as they align well with her role as an AOE breaker and DPS. Major traces should be your priority.

Serval’s minor traces provide robust Crit Rate and Effect Hit Rate benefits. However, you can decide whether to unlock them sooner or later based on the resources you can accumulate. Generally, traces for Serval should be prioritized after a main DPS or a team-wide buffer.

Rock ‘n’ Roll – Major Trace – Ascension 2

This trace enhances Serval’s chance to Shock enemies with her skill by an additional 20%, improving her efficiency at inducing Shock.

String Vibration – Major Trace – Ascension 4

Serval gains an additional 15 energy at the start of each battle. While this bonus is modest, it’s especially beneficial in wave-based content where it can fuel her ultimate move.

Mania – Major Trace – Ascension 6

Upon defeating an enemy, Serval receives an extra 20% attack buff. Given Serval’s focus on AOE damage, this buff frequently activates from defeating smaller enemies. This increase in damage helps Serval defeat more adversaries and proves particularly useful against bosses that summon large amounts of reinforcements.

Minor Traces Breakdown

Serval has ten minor stat increases, divided as follows:

  • Crit Rate (Five nodes)
  • Effect Hit rate (Three Nodes)
  • Effect Res (Two Nodes)

These are all valuable improvements, enhancing both her damage output and shield-breaking capability. Optimize these as much as your materials allow for Serval.

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